Catering and entertaining is a passion of mine that simply will not let my mind rest. I remember as a child, around the age of 12 or 13, trying to start a business with a very good friend of mine. We would make homemade cookies and sell them to the neighbors next door. We would spend hours a day planning on how we would make this business work. As the years have passed, I have never really let go of that dream.

   A lot of time has past since then, from my husband and I owning and operating three successful floral shops to catering special events, catering is the one profession that seems to stick with me. After running myself crazy with the floral shops, I decided to call it quits and put my dreams aside. As for me, it was my family that was most important. But isn’t it funny how things come to pass again in your life. 

   Our church was going on a mission trip to Africa and my son had a real desire to pursue this feeling in going and sharing God's word with those who were less fortunate. The trip was costing $3,700 just to get him there. When he asked me if there would be any possibility in him going, I responded with, how in the world would we raise that kind of money?

But God already knew how this would be accomplished and had a plan. We sold cookies, yes that’s right, we sold cookies. A cookie that people still ask us for and are really delicious. So from selling those cookies…cookies once again, we were asked to cater this event and then another and another. So from that, came My Sister’s Affair.

My Sister’s Affair prides itself in food that is artfully prepared and presentations that are not only dramatic and pleasing to the eye, but more importantly, delicious and pleasing to the palate. Our creative presentations and high quality of foods has earned My Sister’s Affair a loyal following of both corporations and private clients. 

Whether you’re planning an afternoon tea or a special event that you will remember for years to come, My Sister’s Affair is second to none. I would like to offer you my personal commitment in providing excellent and professional service. 

“For those who share our passion in exquisite catering and entertaining.” 

Linda Rodriguez
My Sister’s Affair